The Colloquium was sponsored by IAU Commission 22 (Meteors, Meteorites and Interplanetary Dust) and supported by Commission 15 (Physical Study of Comets and Minor Planets), Commission 20 (Positions and motions of Mnor Planets, Comets and Satellites), Commission 21 (Light of the Night Sky) and Commission 51 (Bioastronomy: search for Extraterrestrial Life) and also by COSPAR.

We are indebted to several organisations for financial support: The International Astronomical Union, COSPAR, The Royal Astronomical Society, The University of Kent at Canterbury and Unispace Kent. This support allowed us to provide travel grants for students and key speakers who would otherwise have been unable to attend.

It is a pleasure to thank all the members of the Local Organising Committee, as well as many individuals who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the meeting a success: Esther Aguti, Margaret Fowler, James Galloway, Nadeem Ghafoor, Jon Hillier, Michael Müller, Jo Mann, Naveed Moeed, Manish Patel, Tim Ringrose, and especially Jane Goldsworthy and Mary Watts; Andrew Thompson and his team for flawless organisation of the local tours and Sir Harry Kroto for entertaining us as guest of honour at the conference dinner. Finally, we thank Louise Hobbs, Michael Mucklow, James Garry, Mary Watts and Michael Willis for assistance with preparation of these proceedings.

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