Central Site

Figure 1. Schematic of the AMOR facility. The central site comprises the transmitters; orthogonal transmitting antenna arrays; elevation finding duel-spacing interferometer receiving antennas for each direction; and operations control.

the pre-<0 time Fresnel zones during the amplitude rising edge of the echo. In addition to the lack of distortion of the diffraction pattern suffered in the pre-io regime, the technique provides high sensitivity to phase oscillations of the echo signal: echoes of low signal/noise can be provide accurate diffraction speeds resulting in a high data rate of successful speed measurements. An example of an archived echo is shown in Figure 2 which depicts:

• Post-i0 record phase behaviour (times > 90 radar pulses on the Central site echo) represents a radial train motion of 19 ms-1

• The phase detector locks for echoes of signal/noise ratio > 8 dB.

• Independent pre-io phase oscillations are clear for all three height-finding antennas.

• The pre-^o phase oscillations indicate a meteor scalar speed of 38.8 ± 0.3 kms"1

22 July 1999 0000:09

Range = 117

22 July 1999 0000:09

Range = 117

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