The present investigation shows that each Taurid complex asteroid is associated at least by two, but in most cases with four detected meteor showers. This is evidence for the cometary origin of these asteroids.

For many meteor showers and associations the parent bodies were revealed. This reduces the disproportion between the number of meteor showers and their parent bodies.

The northern and southern branches of meteor showers and their corresponding daytime (or nighttime) twins were determined.

It turns out that a number of meteor showers are common to several members of the Taurid Complex asteroids. So, for example, Northern and Southern Taurids, £-Perseids and P-Taurids, Northern and Southern May Aquarids, Northern and Southern Khi Orionids, Northern and Southern Piscids and others associated with 2P/Encke [26], are also associated with the NEAs 2101 Oljato, 4341 Poseidon, 5143 Heracles, 6063 Jason, 1993 KA2, 1997 GL3, 1996 SK, 1991 TB2 and others. These results confirm the assumpton [14,2] that Taurid Complex consist of meteoroids of all possible sizes, including large asteroid-like bodies (extinct cometary nuclei or their fragments), which have produced meteoroid substreams and entered a valuable contribution in the formation of enormous Taurid meteoroid stream producing in the Earth atmosphere more than sixty meteor showers during nearly the whole of the year.

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