In this paper preliminary results from the first orbital study of a large number of AO micrometeors is presented. These events are mainly ecliptic particles down to sub-micron sizes, and a large portion of these meteoroids appear to have orbits lying entirely within the orbit of Mars. However, they appear to have evolved from within 4 AU indicating that older particles, evolved by drag effects from eccentric orbits, are predominant in these samples. Finally, preliminary comparison with the IAU Meteor Database using the Drummond [10] criteria limited to D<0.05 shows no correspondence between our data and the major November meteor showers (i.e. Leonids, Taurids, etc.). Likewise we find no intrasample groups to the same D limit. The apparent lack of association within our results as well as with the IAU database, seems to indicate that the micrometeoroid orbits are well randomized and decoupled from each other, indicating once again that individual particle histories are largely unsolvable.

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