-30 -20 -10 0 10 20 30 40 Ecliptic latitude (degree)

Figure 4. Scattered dots denote the expected intensity observed by the new CCD system. Each line corresponds to the combined data with 20'x20' resolution.

continuum resulted from chemiluminescence of NO2 [8], and atmospheric diffuse light produced mainly by the scattering from byproduct aerosol particles [9].

Acknowledgements. First light observations by WIZARD were supported by a colleague from the SUBARU telescope. We thank Dr. M. Nakagiri, K. Sekiguchi and A. Miyashita (NAOJ) for help with our observations at Mauna Kea. We also thank Dr. N. Takeyama (Genesia Corporation) and S.M. Kwon for useful comments and discussion.

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