There is now clear proof for the influx into our solar system of meteoroids of interstellar origin in the size ranges covered by radar [2], image intensified video [3], micrometeor radar, spacecraft dust detectors [4] and as meteorite inclusions [5]. It is not clear that interstellar meteors of the size range covered by photographic methods are present in detectable numbers [6], and the flux of interstellar meteoroids seems to be sharply mass dependent [7].

Most cometary meteoroids are a conglomeration of grains, a "dustball" [8,9,1]. The two component dustball model [1] views these grains as being bound by a more volatile substance, and this model has been successful in matching a number of meteor observational features [10,11,12,13], This paper addresses the question of whether fragmentation of dustball meteoroids, coupled by subsequent ejection from a planetary system by radiation pressure forces, is an important mechanism in the production of interstellar meteoroids.

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