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Figure 1. Typical diurnal average of ■ beam

3200 meteors are observed in the 300 meter AO

2. Results

The typical diurnal count rate observed in the 300 m diameter 430 MHz beam results in an average of ~3200 events per day (Figure 1). This result combine with our very good meteor observed time, altitude and velocity distribution allows us to calculate the upper atmospheric meteoric mass influx and compare with past results. Preliminary results of this method are display in Figure 2. Curve a in Figure 2 represents the results reported in Ceplecha et al. [1] where the authors gathered data from several sources of observational flux. Curve b shows the mass flux measured at AO based on the ~ 26 % of events that showed linear deceleration allowing the determination of the meteor BP. As it can be observed, these results fall below those reported by Ceplecha et al. [1], However if the events for which velocity but no deceleration (i.e. no BP) was determined are included

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