Oblique scatter

The only dedicated facility known to the author is that operating in Italy over paths of 700 km between Budrio (near Bologna) and south-east to Leece and also 600 km northwest to Modra in Slovakia. The 1 kW continuous wave Budrio transmitter using 42.7 MHz operates to encompass the major shower times. This technique is able to provide standard yearly influx data [14].

Forward scatter links are operated by many groups world-wide and particularly active are those in USA, Japan, Europe and Finland using passive operations employing transmitters such as TV, FM broadcasts and commercial beacons. Providing a wide global coverage, these programmes are valuable in monitoring time changes in flux representing structure in stream spatial density. Such monitoring at the times of e.g. Leonid Storm epoch can sample spatial changes in the dust stream that cannot be sampled by a single radar station.

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