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Meteor showers associated with Near-Earth Asteroids in the Taurid complex P.B. Babadzhanov

Institute of Astrophysics, Dushanbe 734042, Tajikistan

The existence of observed meteor showers associated with some of Near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) is one of the few criterion that such asteroids may be considered to be candidates for extinct cometary nuclei. In order to reveal new NEA-meteor shower associations we calculated the secular variations of the orbital elements of 17 Taurid Complex asteroids with allowance for perturbations from six planets (Mercury-Saturn) over one cycle of variations of perihelia arguments. The Earth-crossing class of these NEAs and theoretical geocentric radiants and velocities of their meteor showers were determined and compared with available observational data. It turns out, that each Taurid Complex asteroid is associated with four meteor showers. This is evidence for the cometary origin of these asteroids.

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