Wavelet enhancement for detecting shower structure in radar meteoroid orbit data

II. Application to the AMOR data set D. P. Galligana and W. J. Baggaleya aDept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, New Zealand.

A wavelet enhancement based method developed by Galligan and Baggaley [4] to search for showers in radar meteoroid orbit data sets has been systematically applied to data obtained from the amor radar facility. This class of technique, applied for the first time here, has proved to be powerful. Less than 1% of this data set are found to be within recognisable shower groupings—generally only the major Southern Hemisphere meteor showers (77 Aquarids, Southern 8 Aquarids, a Capricornids and Daytime Sextantids) are detectable. Further probing with wavelets to select shower members, once the existence of the latter has been established, is found to be convenient. The orbital characteristics of the shower meteors thus selected are explored where it is found that the orbital parameter spreads in most showers do not exceed those expected due to measurement uncertainty.

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