A B C Qab C Qa B C Qa B C

Fig. 2. a) Tandemly repeated linear DNA sequences, b) Circularly permuted linear DNA sequences of fixed length, and c) Multimeric linear DNA molecules of variable sizes and a number of dispersed ends will give rise to d) Circular sequence maps. Arrows indicate orientation of sequences. Molecules starting with the letters c or d are not shown in c).

S. KolodnerandTewari, 1972, 1979 รถ 0 0

Monomer-40% Head to head Head to tail Sub-genomlc (-30% of circles dirner - 3% dimer - 0.7% - 60% Supercoiled)

Lilly et ai- 2001

Circles 40-50%

Monomer Head to tail dimer ~ 50% of circles ~ 17% of circles n=1 to 6

Linears 20-25%

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