Reproduced from Coffin and Eldholm (1992), by permission of the Geological Society Publishing House. Notes: CFB, continental flood basalts; OBFB, ocean basin flood basalts; OR oceanic plateau; SMT, seamount; SR, submarine ridge. * referred to in the literature as both a submarine ridge and an oceanic plateau. + oceanic plateaux or submarine ridges which can be tied to LIPs originating during break-ip, but for which volcanism post-dates break-up.

Table 4.1b Dimensions, age ranges, and emplacement rates of five large igneous provinces.

Large igneous Area (106 km2) Volume (106 km3) Age range (Ma) Emplacement Spherical province rate (km3 yr-1) diameter" (km)

Ontong Java

Large igneous province

Area (106 km2)

Volume (106 km3)

Age range (Ma)

Emplacement rate (km3 yr-1)

Spherical diameter" (km)

Ontong Java Plateaub

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