I would like to thank the many dedicated and hardworking people at Chelsea House. A special debt of gratitude goes to my editors, Brian Belval and Frank Darmstadt, for their support and guidance in conceiving and making The Prehistoric Earth a reality. Frank was instrumental in fine-tuning the features of the series as well as accepting my ambitious plan for creating a comprehensive reference for students. Brian greatly influenced the development of the color illustration program and supported my efforts to integrate the work of some of the best artists in the field, most notably John Sibbick, whose work appears throughout the set.

I am privileged to have worked with some of the brightest minds in paleontology on this series. Ted Daeschler of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia reviewed the draft of March Onto Land and made many important suggestions that affected the course of the work. Ted also wrote the Foreword for the volume.

The excellent copyediting of Mary Ellen Kelly was both thoughtful and vital to shaping the final manuscript and I thank her for her valuable review and suggestions.

In many ways, a set of books such as this requires years of preparation. Some of the work is educational, and I owe much gratitude to Dr. Peter Dodson of the University of Pennsylvania for his gracious and inspiring tutelage over the years. Another dimension of preparation requires experience digging fossils, and for giving me these opportunities I thank my friends and colleagues who have taken me into the field with them, including Phil Currie, Rodolfo Coria, Matthew Lammana, and Ruben Martinez. Finally comes the work needed to put thoughts down on paper and complete the draft of a book, a process that always takes many more hours than I plan on. I thank Anne for bearing with my constant state of busy-ness and for helping me remember the important things in life. You are an inspiration to me. I also thank my daughter, Shaina, the genius in the family and another inspiration, for always being supportive and humoring her father's obsession with prehistoric life.

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