Comparison of exposures

The doses received by an individual from the main different sources in year 2000 are summarized in Figure A.16. Their values are given in annual per caput effective dose (mSv). The values are averaged, meaning that there are significant variations in exposure to individuals, depending on location, diet, personal habits and so forth.

The largest contribution to total dose is from the natural background: 2.4 mSv, but typical values may range from 1 up to 10 mSv, with large groups of population


Effective dose/Dose commitment (mSv)


Rubbia's Engine Accident ! Catastrophic LEO Re-entry

1.8 x 10-6

Dose committed for 250 years (per kg fuel)

MITEE Accident ! Catastrophic LEO Re-entry

1.6 x 10-8

Dose committed for 250 years (per kg fuel)

Natural Background

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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