Builder's analysis No drag losses

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Flight speed (kft/s)

Figure 4.19. System thermal integrated specific impulse.

At 2,000 R (1,111 K) the hydrogen specific impulse is 509 s, or better than a hydrogen/oxygen rocket. For a scramjet engine with an equivalence ratio greater than one, this can produce 30% or more of the engines net thrust [Novichkov, 1990]. Applying this approach and using Builder's Second Law, the impact of fuel temperature injected through Mach 3 nozzles in the combustor wall (Figure 4.19) can be assessed.

One measure of airbreathing engine performance is the energy conversion efficiency (0). The definition is:

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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