Equatorial Plane

Fig. 5.5. Streamlines of meridional circulation in the inner core, at t & 0.5 Gyr (curve 1 of Figure 5.3). The variable r is measured in units of R&. Source (revised): Tassoul, M., and Tassoul, J. L., Astrophys. J., 279, 384, 1984.

spreads throughout the Sun's radiative core. Within the numerical accuracy of these first-order calculations, thus, a /¿-gradient virtually kills off meridional streaming, so that no substantial advection of matter by circulation may take place between the inner (inhomogeneous) and outer (homogeneous) regions in the radiative core. Figures 5.5 and 5.6 illustrate the virtual absence of large-scale meridional currents in the central region

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