Volkov: "The 1,000th orbit is a working orbit. Although today is a rest day, we decided to devote it to the Earth - we photographed the cloud cover, the oceans and the landscape for geological studies and issues relating to the national economy. In general, we are doing work which is usually assigned to working orbits. We want to spend every minute of our 'leisure' time maximising the results for return to Earth.'' Zarya: ''We send you our warmest regards - there are so many greetings.'' Volkov: ''About 4 o'clock, when Viktor wakes up, we'll do our physical exercise and then do what I have already said - photographing and monitoring the Earth.'' Zarya: ''If you have the information to hand, please tell us what you have done for the last 24 hours in terms of medicine.''

Volkov: ''We are doing all the experiments required by the physicians.'' Zarya: ''Understood. Thank you. Well done!''

One thousand orbits around the Earth. A sunrise recorded from the Salyut station.

Volkov: "I carefully log our food and water consumption. Tell our comrades there who are responsible for this that I am logging it all. We have written reports on the operation of all the systems.7 On board this ship, we are sharing our duties - each of us has a different area of responsibility. Everything is as planned.''

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