Anna-Ill Gamma-ray telescope (Salyut)

AN-SSSR USSR Academy of Sciences

CK-KPSS Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party

DM Descent module (Soyuz)

DMP Solid-propellant braking rocket (Soyuz)

DOS Long-duration orbital station programme

Era Equipment for detection of high-energy ionospheric electrons (Salyut)

FEK-7 Photo-emulsion camera (Salyut)

FGB Functional-cargo block

GOGU Chief Operative and Control Group

IBMP Institute for Biomedical Problems

Igla Automatic rendezvous system

ISS International Space Station

Kazbek-U Soyuz crew couches

KIK Command-measurement complex

KPSS Communist Party of the Soviet Union

KTDU Correction and braking engine system (Soyuz)

KTF Complex for physical training

LI Circumlunar manned programme (TsKBEM)

LK Lunar ship (TsKBEM)

LK-1 Circumlunar manned project (TsKBM)

LK-700 Lunar landing manned programme (TsKBM)

MAI Moscow Aviation Institute

MFTI Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology

MGU Moscow State University

MIFI Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics

MIK Assembly-Test Building

MKBS Multirole space base station

MOK Multipurpose orbital complex

MOL Manned orbiting laboratory

MOM Ministry of General Machine Building

MVTU Moscow Higher Technical School N.E. Bauman

N1 Lunar rocket (TsKBEM)

N1-L3 Lunar landing manned programme (TsKBEM)

Nil Scientific Research Institute

NIP Ground-test polygon

NIS Scientific exploration vessel

NPO Scientific and Production Enterprise

NPO Energiya Earlier OKB-1 and TsKBEM, now RKK Energiya named after

S.P. Korolev Oazis Hydroponics chamber (Salyut)

ODNT Lower-body negative-pressure apparatus (Salyut); also known as

'Veter' and 'Chibis' OIS Orbital exploration station

OKB Special Design Bureau

OKB Zvezda Design Bureau for the development of spacesuits, EVA airlock and ejection seats; established in 1952 and led until 1964 by Semyon M. Alekseyev, then by Gay I. Severin OKB-1 OKB for the development of manned, unmanned spacecraft and interplanetary probes; established in 1956 and led until 1966 by Sergey Korolev; later TsKBEM and NPO Energiya and today RKK Energiya named after S.P. Korolev OKB-2 OKB for the development of spacecraft engines; established in 1944

under the leadership of Aleksey Isayev; today KB Himmash OKB-456 OKB for the development of rocket engines for missiles and space launchers; established in 1946 under the leadership of Valentin Glushko; today NPO EnergoMash named after V.P. Glushko

OKB-52 OKB for the development of military satellites, space launchers, military space stations and manned spacecraft; established in 1955 under the control of Vladimir Chelomey; later TsKBM; today NPO Mashinostroyenie ONA Main scientific equipment module (Salyut)

OPS Orbital piloted station (known as Almaz or 'Military Salyut')

OST-1 Orbital solar telescope (Salyut)

Polynom Medical equipment (Salyut)

RKK Energiya Earlier OKB-1, TsKBEM and NPO Energiya from 1974 leaded by Valentin Glushko, Yuriy Semyonov, Nikolay Sevastyanov and today Vitaliy Lopota; full name RKK Energiya named after S.P. Korolev

Sokol-K Soyuz pressure suit

Spirala Soviet rocket-plane programme

TKS Transport and supply ship

TNK Training loading suit (known also as 'Athlete' and 'penguin')

TsKBEM Central Design Bureau of Experimental Machine Building; between 1966 and 1974 leaded by Vasiliy Mishin; originally OKB-1; today






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