Zarya And Zvezda

When the Almaz and DOS programmes were initiated, no one could have predicted that such hardware would form the core of a space station at the turn of the century, but the Russian-built Zarya ('Dawn') and Zvezda ('Star') modules are key parts of the International Space Station. And certainly not even Sergey Korolev could have dreamed that his Soyuz spacecraft would still be in use ferrying crews to this station. This legacy is truly the best of monuments to the lost crew of the first space station.

One day, a space crew will depart from a space station to head once again for the Moon, as a stepping stone to the planets. These future space travellers will owe a tremendous debt of thanks to cosmonauts Georgiy Dobrovolskiy, Vladislav Volkov and Viktor Patsayev, whose names are by now written between the stars.

The Mir orbital complex. (Courtesy NASA)
Star Korolev Soyuz

Two Soyuz TMA spacecraft docked with the International Space Station. (Courtesy NASA)

Zarya and Zvezda 387

The Zvezda and Zarya modules that form the core of the International Space Station are the direct legacy of Salyut and its heroic crew. Korolev's legacy is evident from the two Soyuz and one Progress spacecraft docked with the station. (Courtesy NASA)

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The immortal crew of the world's first space station - Viktor Patsayev, Georgiy Dobrovolskiy and Vladislav Volkov.

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