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Polymorphism of CCR and HIV infection

In 1996 a series of landmark studies were published which established the role of specific chemokine coreceptor proteins that enable viral invasion of T cells expressing CD4. For the main viral strains of HIV-1 transmitted through sexual activity, denoted R5 strains (Box 14.3), the CC chemokine receptor CCR5 (CC-CKR-5) was identified as the major host coreceptor protein (Alkhatib A number of research groups had documented the apparent resistance of a minority of individuals to infection by HIV-1 despite repeated high risk exposures to the virus (Rowland-Jones et al. 1995). Study of this extreme phenotype was to prove rewarding. Paxton and colleagues analysed in detail 25 people with a history of multiple high risk sexual exposures who remained free of HIV-1 infection based on available testing at the time using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and diagnostic polymerase chain reaction (PCR) (Paxton et al. 1996). The T lymphocytes expressing CD4 in these individuals were...

Primary and Secondary Code

There are certainly genetically coded impulses , but the most forceful of them are not reserved for man alone to satisfy sexual needs, hunger, thirst, etc. Language and music, two very human abilities, do not correspond to impulses or instincts. They are, as such, not coded into the genetic program. Into the genetic code is inserted information or constraints concerning how, in situations of vital emergency, to mobilise the most effective displays in order to attract or detract other organisms among these constraints are included optimal functional pathways between mechanisms, through which signals and signs can be produced. (1991, pp. 8-9)

Sex Terms You Probably Thought You Knew

The term sex can mean several things. Ask a seventh-grader straight out of health class, and you're likely to get one definition (with a few sniggers thrown in). Ask a parent of a brood of children, and you're likely to get another. Often, these definitions equate sex with sexual reproduction. But ask an evolutionary For some species (like humans), reproduction always relies on sex. Other species (like rotifers and a few kinds of lizards) never have sex at all and still manage to reproduce. Still other species can reproduce with or without sex, proving that sexual reproduction isn't necessarily an all-or-nothing proposition.

Step Testing whether viral sex leads to increased fitness

With his low-fitness viruses, Chao collaborated with Thutrang Tran and Crystal Matthews in designing experiments to test whether viral sex leads to an increase in fitness. The scientists grew different pairs of the debilitated viruses together with their host bacteria, and they controlled how much sex was going on by altering the ratio of bacteria to viruses. When they put in far fewer bacteria than viruses, they ensured that multiple viruses would be infecting the same host bacterium. As they increased the likelihood of producing viral progeny that had genetic material from two parent viruses, they found that they were more likely to find progeny with increased fitness.

Chapter The origin of sex

So what is it about sex that has made it such a worthwhile pursuit Maynard Smith suggested that the advantage was a long-term one, that sex shuffles genes more effectively than parthenogenesis (the production of live young from unfertilized eggs), introducing more genetic variability, and hence adaptability, into a population. He showed that sexual populations can evolve more rapidly than asexual ones, an ability that makes species which reproduce sexually much more resilient when the population is attacked by disease or parasites. The balance of advantage can go both ways. Normally asexual organisms such as aphids may pass through occasional sexual generations. Equally, parthenogenesis has

Discussion And Priorities For The Future

Mating or mating itself can induce androgen production in the rat (Taleisnik et al., 1966), rabbit (Saginor & Horton, 1968) and bull (Katon-gole et al, 1971). Our studies of multiple male giant pandas revealed that urinary androgens were elevated consistently during the normal mating season (February to April) regardless of whether the male was sexually active. The extent to which the male giant panda is responding to photoperiodic cues is unknown, but occasional out-of-season matings (SB 390 mated with a female in autumn 2001) and sperm production (see Chapter 7) suggest that testicular function in this species is not strictly seasonal. More research is needed to understand the role of androgens in modulating spermatogenesis and the expression of reproductive behaviours in the giant panda.

The Brain And The Chariot

Highly motivated to establish dominance but insignificantly motivated toward sex suggests that while these two functions may involve identical organ systems, they are quite separate. The scientists studying this colony concluded Genital display is therefore considered the most effective social signal with respect to group hierarchy. It is ritualized and seems to acquire the meaning, 'I am the master.' It is most probably derived from sexual activity, but it is used for social communication and separated from reproductive activity. In other words, genital display is a ritual derived from sexual behavior but serving social and not reproductive purposes.

Penis Morphology and Female Injury

Comparative data from insects suggest an alternative explanation sexual conflict. In the cowpea weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus), the penis is equipped with spines that damage the female genital tract during copulation, reducing her likelihood of subsequent mating, and thereby enhancing sperm competition outcomes for the male (Crudgington and Siva-Jothy 2000 Hotzy and Arnqvist 2009). In primates, the magnitude of spinosity is negatively correlated with the duration of female sexual receptivity during the ovarian cycle (Stockley 2002), suggesting that penile spines similarly improve male sperm competition success by restricting female mating. The precise mechanism underlying this association is unclear, however. Penile spines could stimulate ovulation or associated neuroendocrine reflexes, but they could also cause short-term local damage to the female genital tract, making continued sexual activity painful or aversive (Stockley 2002, p 130).

Dinosaurs And Their


Bone histologists, people who study the microscopic structure of bone, argue that each LAG represents a year because this is the case in living reptiles and other animals that have them. Paleontologists can count the LAGs to give the age when a dinosaur died, and then compare these ages with estimates of body masses assessed from the size of the bones. Erickson has looked at a growth series of bones, from tiny (well actually quite big) baby Apatosaurus through juveniles to fully adult specimens. These suggest that Apatosaurus juveniles stayed pretty small for the first 5 years of their life, and then there was a burst of growth from age 5 to 12, when they put on up to 5 tonnes a year, to reach a young adult body mass of 26 tonnes, presumably the age of sexual maturity (Fig. 17.4b). So the LAGs indicate stop-start seasonal patterns of growth, just like a modern reptile, but the rate of juvenile growth is much more like a bird or mammal. Sauropods did not have to wait until they were...

The young mature wombat

Most species of mammals have seasonal cycles of sexual activity, and in many marsupials this cycle occurs at the time of year which will ensure that the young emerge from the pouch in spring. As a wombat leaves the pouch at about nine to 10 months of age, this would mean that wombats would mate in late spring to early summer, giving birth about a month later.

The Bonobo Alternative

Bonobos are so similar to chimpanzees in physical appearance that it took biologists many years to recognize that they are a separate species. Their behavior, however, is very different. Unlike in chimp societies, where males may violently coerce females to respect them, in bonobo land the females run the show. They manage this feat by forming close alliances with each other and facing down any male who tries to interfere in their affairs. Because of their dominance, they have managed to banish infanticide, the worst fear of female chimpanzees. Bonobos have captured the attention of their human observers because they use sex not just for reproduction but also as a social greeting and general reconciliation technique. Bonobo sexual physiology has a small but socially critical difference from that of chimpanzees. Male chimpanzees seem to be able to tell, probably by smell, the almost exact time when a female is ovulating, setting off fierce competition for her favors. But bonobo...

Antecedent Of Dinosaurs

Animais Homossexuais

A necessary antecedent of dinosaur eggs was dinosaur sexual activity. The certainty of dinosaur sex as a prelude to their laying eggs is supported by the numerous observations of how mating in all egg-laying vertebrates is a necessary precursor to egg development. Fertilization of an egg without the help of a male, known as parthenogenesis, is common in nearly every major invertebrate clade but is known in only a few vertebrates (some amphibians and lizards). As a result, this process probably does not apply to dinosaurs.

The Reductionist Perspective

Another simple example of immune tolerance to cells that clearly do not have the genetic marker of the self is that of a woman having sexual relations with a man. The woman hosts his sperm cells in her womb. Unless her partner is her twin brother, his sperm cells clearly do not carry the marker of her self. How is it that the host immune system does not destroy the sperm as nonself And when the fertilized egg develops into a fetus, how does the immune system tolerate the fetus How the mother's immune system tolerates the fertilized egg is an interesting and largely unanswered question in the biology of reproduction. Another interesting finding should be mentioned in this context. According to a news article entitled Sex Is Good for You (Buckland, 2002), recreational sex - sex with no procreational purpose - can have a positive impact on pregnancy. But an important qualification should be added sex with the same partner. Sex, early, often, and with the intended father, may help...

Some of My Best Friends Are Dolphins

There is little doubt that the whistle noises are used for dolphin communications. I heard what seemed to be (I may be anthropomorphizing) very plaintive whistles on St. Thomas from a male adolescent dolphin named Peter, who, for a while, was kept in isolation from two adolescent female dolphins. They all whistled a lot at each other. When the three were reunited in the same pool, their sexual activity was prodigious, and they did not whistle much. Peter had been separated from female dolphins for some time and, in the not too distant past, had spent many days in close contact, including sexual contact, with Margaret, another human being. I do not think that there is any sexual bond that accounts for the closeness that dolphins feel toward humans, but the incident had some significance. Even in what we piously describe as bestiality there are only a few species which, so far as I have heard, are put upon by human beings for interspecific sexual activities these are entirely of the...

Human Sexual Behavior And Attitudes

It has long been observed that men and women often have very different attitudes about sex, with resulting differences in their behavior. Women tend to be much more selective about whom they mate with men are typically less choosy. Men are frequently eager to engage in casual sex women are generally reluctant to do so, and often insist on a long-term commitment before engaging in sex. To the extent that men are selective, they tend to be especially attracted to women with youthful good looks. Women place relatively more importance on a man's wealth, income, and influence, and on his apparent sincerity.1 Throughout the Paleolithic Era and, indeed, all past ages adopting a policy of promiscuous copulation was likely to harm a woman's prospects of propagating her genes. Such a policy might result in a higher number of pregnancies than if she confined her sexual activities to just one man, but only slightly higher. However, failing to obtain a commitment from a man to support her children...

Beginning of Life [

God made the moon. God made the star. These sentences are basic principle for Christian. Living things in the worlds started for many million years ago. Nobody can tell the exact starting point of time for life. Life is complex. Generation of living thing is a very complicated process and no present high technology can work this. Natural makes life. This can be said that god made life. Due to Buddhism, life can be generated if there are fulfill criteria. as a) father and mother have sexual intercourse, b) the time is proper and c) there must be specific superstitious spirit for this condition. This is the fact. There must be gametes from both mother and father for fertilization. In human, beginning of new lie is widely studied. After fertilization, development process in utero is continuous. Embryonic generation is a developmental process for all human beings. Everyone in this world had to pass this step before birth. Further process as passing from embryo to fetus...


One night in October 1957, Joshua Lederberg looked up at the stars as well. He was in Australia, where he was spending a sabbatical. Lederberg was only thirty-two at the time, but he had more than a decade of research behind him, for which he would win a Nobel Prize the following year. He had done most of that work on E. coli. He had discovered that the microbe had sex, and he had used its sex life to draw some of the first maps of its genes. He and his wife had confirmed that genes mutate spontaneously, helping to bring Darwin into the molecular age. They had discovered viruses that could merge into their E. coli hosts. Thanks in large part to Lederberg, E. coli was becoming the standard tool for studying the molecular basis of life, and other scientists were beginning to use it to translate the genetic code.

Universal Code

The discovery of E. coli's sex life gave scientists a way to dissect a chromosome. It turned out that E. coli has a peculiar sort of sex, with one microbe casting out a kind of molecular grappling hook to reel in a partner. Its DNA moves into the other microbe over the course of an hour and a half. lie Wollman and Fran ois Jacob, both at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, realized that they could break off this liaison. They mixed mutants together and let them mate for a short time before throwing them into a blender. Depending on how long the bacteria were allowed to mate, the recipient might or might not get a gene it needed to survive. By timing how long it took various genes to enter E. coli, Wollman and Jacob could create a genetic map. It turned out that E. coli's genes are arrayed on a chromosome shaped in a circle.


Bmdc Culture

Male to female bone marrow transplantation offers a reliable, but laborious approach for tracking BMDC in the kidney. Several studies describe detection of male BMDC using Y-chromosome in situ hybridization (Y-ISH) to determine the bone marrow origin of cells engrafting the female kidney 2 4 9-12 . Y-chromosome detection is also used to study extra-renal, host-derived cells in tissue biopsy or autopsy material after sex-mismatched kidney transplantation 13-15 , or to study renal infiltrated BMDC in patients after sex-mismatched bone marrow transplantation 16 . Thus, beside the use in animals after sex-mismatched bone marrow transplantation, Y-chromosome detection is used for recipient-derived cell detection in humans, in which the introduction of transgene-expressing cells, by for example bone marrow transplantation, is not possible.

Psychic Sasquatch

The Fouke Monster doesn't quite make it because it has three toes and because Smokey Crabtree claims to have its, obviously feline, carcass in a box. Jan Klement got a little too close to Kong for the comfort of some. He never should have told the story of how Kong had sex with a cow. Janice Carter Coy believes that the creatures can talk. Joan Ocean believes that they are spirit beings. For many in the Bigfoot community each of these versions of Bigfoot is suspect. The people making these claims are accused of being hoaxers or fools. The Bigfoot community is split into countless groups and organizations. It is Protestant sectarianism all over again.

Box Dating origins

In his 2000 paper, Butterfield quippishly named the new form Bangiomorpha pubescens, the species name pubescens chosen with reference to its pubescent or hairlike form, as well as the connotations of having achieved sexual maturity . The name Bangiomorpha pubescens has even made it into the dictionaries of bizarre and cheeky names one web site notes The fossil shows the first recorded sex act, 1.2 billion years ago. The 'bang' in the name was intended as a euphemism for sex. The fossils do not show sex acts, and the commentators surely exaggerate Nick Butterfield may be based at the University of Cambridge in England, home of smutty humor since medieval times (if not before), but he is Canadian by birth Why have sex Budding seems to be efficient enough, and it is what Bacteria, Archaea and many simple eukaryotes have always done, and continue to do today. The benefits are that the process is quick and efficient what could be better for a successful organism than to replicate identical...

Scalding Fruit

There used to be a village of the same name at the edge of the pit, but it has since been destroyed by fire. A local story says the area is haunted by a spirit named Madame Kipese, who lives inside the pit. The madame was a cheery and forceful woman when she was alive, but she grew evil after her death and burial. White men came here many years ago to dig the pit and became friendly with her. They may have even had sex with her.

The origin of humans

The primates are one of the eighteen orders of modern placental mammals, named from the Latin primus, 'first'. As primates, it was our privilege to call ourselves members of the 'first' order -this privilege extended to the Church as well, in which bishops and archbishops are termed primates. There was a time when books entitled 'The sex life of primates' could not be sold safely in England. All primates share a number of features that give them agility in the trees (mobile shoulder joint, grasping hands and feet, sensitive finger pads), a larger than average brain, good binocular vision, and enhanced parental care (one baby at a time, long time in the womb, long period of parental care, delayed sexual maturity, long lifespan).

The Limbic System

The oldest part of the limbic system is the olfactory cortex, which is related to smell, the haunting emotional quality of which is familiar to most humans. A major component of our ability to remember and recall is localized in the hippocampus, a structure within the limbic system. The connection is clearly shown by the profound memory impairment that results from lesions of the hippocampus. In one famous case, H. M., a patient with a long history of seizures and convulsions, was subjected to a bilateral extirpation of the entire region about the hippocampus in a successful attempt to reduce their frequency and severity. He immediately became amnesic. He retained good perceptual skills, was able to learn new motor skills and experienced some perceptual learning but essentially forgot everything more than a few hours old. His own comment was Every day is alone in itself-whatever enjoyment I've had and whatever sorrow I've had. He described his life as a continuous extension of the...

Tales Of Dim Eden

Statistical studies have been made of the most common categories of dreams-studies which, at least to some extent, ought to illuminate the nature of dreams. In a survey of the dreams of college students, the following were, in order, the five most frequent types (1) falling (2) being pursued or attacked (3) attempting repeatedly and unsuccessfully to perform a task (4) various academic learning experiences and (5) diverse sexual experiences. Number (4) on this list seems of special and particular concern to the group being sampled. The others, while sometimes actually encountered in the lives of undergraduates, are likely to be applicable generally, even to non-students.

Orgone Energy

Orgone energy possesses several characteristics. It has no mass. It is present everywhere throughout the universe. It is the medium through which electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena operate. It is in constant motion. Orgone contradicts the law of entropy, is the focus for creative energy, is the source of matter, and is responsible for life. It can be accumulated and stored in specialized devices, which also allow the energy to be manipulated and used to alter the weather, heal illnesses, and improve sexual performance and pleasure.

Pair Bonds in Humans

Claims regarding the universality of human pair bonds are controversial but this is so because they are often confused with statements about origins. The ethnographic record displays a range of grouping patterns, from small two-adult family groups to large multimale multifemale bands (e.g., Pasternak et al. 1997), but within these formations, specialized relationships emerge, between (usually) heterosexual individuals, typically glossed as marriage. Although it is widely recognized that these bonds do not map precisely onto sexual relationships (Fox 1967), male sexual access to females is key to the definition of marriage, even if it is given quite different salience across cultures (Bell 1997). Furthermore, despite the well-known double standards in sexuality (Betzig 1989), Jankowiak et al.'s (2002) survey of detailed ethnographic material shows that in all the 66 societies studied, men and women actively mate guard, indicating that sexual propriety is a core component to marital...

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