Magellan Venus Expressc

Orbiter - radar mapping Orbiter - atmospheric studies


Explorer 1

Jan 1958

First satellite to yield scientific data


Luna 3b Apollo 11 Clementine Lunar Prospector SMART 1c

Oct 1959 July 1969 Mar-Apr 94 Jan 98-July 99 Nov 04-Sept 06

First images of lunar far side First manned landing First polar orbiter Polar orbiter Orbiter and collider


Mariner 9 Viking 1 Orbiter and Lander Viking 2 Orbiter and Lander Mars Global Surveyor Mars Pathfinder Mars Odyssey Mars Exploration Rovers

Mars Expressc Mars Reconnaissance

Nov 71-Oct 72 June 76-Aug 80 July 76-Nov 82 Aug 76-Jul 78 Sept 76-Apr 80 Sept 97-Nov 06 July-Sept 1997 Oct 01-Jan 04-

Dec 03-Mar 06-

Orbiter; first global survey Orbiter; second global survey First soft lander Orbiter; third global survey Second soft lander First polar orbiter Lander and first rover Orbiter; fourth global survey Rovers Spirit and Opportunity

Orbiter, fifth global survey Orbiter, sixth global survey

Jovian system

Pioneer 10 Pioneer 11 Voyager 1 Voyager 2 Galileo Orbiter Galileo probe Cassini-Huygens

Dec 73 Dec 74 Mar 79 July 79

Dec 95-Sept 03 Dec 95

Dec 00-Jan 01

First flyby Second flyby Third flyby Fourth flyby First orbiter The only probe Fifth flyby

Saturnian system

Pioneer 11 Voyager 1 Voyager 2 Cassini Huygens

Sept 79 Nov 80 Aug 81 July 04 Jan 05

First flyby Second flyby Third flyby Orbiter

Landed on Titan

Uranian system

Voyager 2

Jan 86

The only mission - flyby



Table 4.1 (Continued)

Object Spacecraft

Name Encounter Some mission features date(s)"

Neptunian system Voyager 2

Asteroids Galileo

Galileo NEAR

Hayabusad Comets Giotto

Deep Space 1 Stardust

Deep Impact


Aug 89

The only mission - flyby

Oct 91

Images of Gaspra

Aug 93

Images of Ida

June 97

Images of Mathilde

Feb 01

Landed on Eros

June 2005

First asteroid sample return,

0 0

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