List of Tables

1.1 Orbital elements in 2006 and some physical properties of the Sun, the planets, and Ceres 42

1.2 Some properties of planetary satellites 43

1.3 Some properties of the largest 15 asteroids 45

1.4 Some properties of selected comets 46

1.5 Relative abundances of the 15 most abundant chemical elements in the Solar System 47

1.6 Some important constants 47

2.1 Some broad features of the Solar System today 49

2.2 Some characteristics of the known exoplanetary systems 51

2.3 A condensation sequence of some substances at 100 Pa nebular pressure 62 3.1 The six strongest meteor showers 122

4.1 Some missions of planetary exploration by spacecraft 127

4.2 Some physical properties of the planets and larger satellites 130

4.3 Densities of some important substances 144

4.4 Radioactive isotopes that are important energy sources 152

4.5 Mechanisms of heat reaching the surface regions of some planetary bodies today 158

5.1 Model temperatures, densities, and pressures in the Earth 165

5.2 Model densities, temperatures, and pressures at the centres of the terrestrial planets and the Moon 166

5.3 Model pressures at the centres of Pluto and the large satellites of the giant planets, plus some central densities and temperatures 179

5.4 Model temperatures, densities, and pressures in the giant planets 185

6.1 Important igneous rocks and minerals, with their locations in the Earth and Moon as examples 202

6.2 Dominant surface processes today in planets and large satellites 221

7.1 Ages of some lunar basins and mare infill 230

7.2 Distinguishing surface features of the inactive intermediate-sized icy satellites 259

9.1 Some properties of the substantial planetary atmospheres 297

9.2 Lout/Wabs, aB, and Teff for some planetary bodies 302

11.1 The atmospheric composition of the giant planets, given as mixing ratios with respect to H2 372

11.2 Mass fractions of helium in Jupiter and Saturn 375

11.3 Elemental mass ratios with respect to hydrogen in the giant planet molecular envelopes and in the young Sun 388

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