Preface to the Second Edition

Much has been added to, or changed, in our knowledge and understanding of the Solar System since the first edition of this book was completed in 1998 (and published in early 1999). The book has been thoroughly revised accordingly, though the overall organisation into chapters and sections is much the same.

In the preparation of this second edition, particular thanks are due to Nick Sleep, who read and commented on a draft of the whole book. Many people have provided information and comments on specific matters. They include (in alphabetical order) Steve Blake, Alan Boss, John Chambers, Michele Dougherty, Michael Drake, Bruce Fegley, Martyn Fogg, Bernard Foing, Tristan Guillot, James Head, Robert Hutchison, Andrew Ingersoll, Patrick Irwin, Noel James, Joe Kirschvink, Chris Kitchin, Ulrich Kolb, Robert Kopp, Stephen Lewis, Ralph Lorenz, Neil McBride, Adam Morris, John Murray, Richard Nelson, Carolyn Porco, Eric Priest, Janna Rodionova, Dave Rothery, Sean Ryan, Chuck See, Peter Skelton, Sean Solomon, Anne Sprague, Fred Taylor, Nick Teanby, Ashwin Vasavada, Iwan Williams, and Ian Wright.

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