4wk 5wk 6wk 7wk 8wk coculture time

*P<0 .05, compared between FLMSL-hTERT and primary FLSCs (Student t test).

Figure 6. CFU count of cultured CB CD34+ in Dexter-modified long-term culture using the FLMSL-hTERT cells and primary FLSCs. 5.0x103 CD34+ CB cells were cocultured with hTERT-transduced or primary FLSCs without cytokines for 4 - 8 wk and then subject to CFU assay. After 14-16d of culture, the colonies, including BFU-Es, CFU-GMs, and CFU-Mix's, with greater than 50 cells was counted. The results are expressed as mean ± SD (n=3).

Tumorigenicity Assay

To determine whether FLMSL-hTERT cells were malignant, we performed a tumorigenicity assay. The nude mice were injected s.c. with FLMSL-hTERT cells or HeLa cells. While all the mice injected with HeLa cells developed tumors, the mice injected with FLMSL-hTERT cells did not develop tumor within fifteen weeks of observation (n=3/group) (data not shown). The result indicates that FLMSL-hTERT cells were not tumorigenic.

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