Adenosine triphosphate ATP

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Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the major provider of energy for all bodily functions. The term "energy" really means the (negative) standard free energies of the multitude of reactions that take place within the cell. This free energy change, along with the concentrations of reactants and products via the law of mass action, provides useful work for the body's functions.

1 Reaction (11.2) does not proceed to the right because the standard free energy change is positive (14 kJ/mole); however, ATP does this job (see Sect. 11.4.2)

11.4.1 Synthesis

As shown in Fig. 11.3, ATP consists of three components: adenine, composed of joined rings of carbon and nitrogen; ribose, which is glucose minus one carbon atom in the ring; and three orthophosphate ions. The reaction releases four water molecules and consumes two protons. I H„n,H Adenine

orthophospsta ions {inorganic')

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