This function passes through a minimum at xB = 0.5, at which point, l'Hopital's rule shows that r = 2. No mathematical solutions exist for r < 2, which physically means that the system is a single phase solution for all compositions. For r > 2, the same value of r is obtained for xB and 1 - xB.

To convert Eq (8.19) to the equation for the phase diagram (i.e., T Vs xB), the maximum r = 2 is equivalent to a unique temperature T* through Eq (8.18):

T* is called the critical solution temperature. It is a property of the A-B binary system that reflects its nonideal behavior, as represented in the regular solution approximation.

With the help of Eqs (8.18) and (8.20), Eq (8.19) becomes:

Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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