The convention for this example is h^ = 0 for all elements in their normal states at 298 K and 1 atm pressure. For this reaction, Zr and ZrO2 are solids and O2 is a gas. Also, AH!J98 = -262.3 kcal / mole - at 1500, the enthalpy change of the reaction is: Note: the following equation is missing from the proof p. 246.

AHo(1500) = h^, (1500)-hzr(1500)-h^(1500) = -239.9-9.6-9.6 = -259.1 kcal/mole

The enthalpy change of the reaction is ~ 3 kcal/mole higher at 1500 K than at 298 K. All things considered, though, this change is insignificant.

The effect of ACP in Equation (9.8) is analyzed for gas-phase equilibrium calculations in Problem 9.24.

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