(a) draw the phase diagram of this binary system

(b) if a solid solution with xb = 0.5 were just melted, what is the composition of the liquid in equilibrium with it?

(c) Assuming regular solution behavior, calculate the interaction energies of the liquid and solid phases using the phase compositions at 80oC. The fusion enthalpies of A and B are 3 kJ/mole and 4 kJ/mole, respectively. Hint: modify the analysis of Sect. 8.4.1 to account for nonideality.

8.10 The partial pressures of species A in equilibrium with A-B alloys at 1000K are given below (pressures are in atm) . The vapor pressure of pure B is 5x10-5 atm at this temperature.


Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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