Most solutions of gases in condensed phases are sufficiently dilute that ya is not dependent on xa, which is the region of Henry's law in nondissociative absorption (Sect. 8.3.3). The reason is that A atoms are surrounded by atoms of the solvent metal M, and do not interact with other A atoms. Consequently, the reciprocal of the activity coefficient is a temperature dependent quantity, which is similar to an equilibrium constant in ordinary chemical reactions. It is denoted as Ksa, where the subscript "S" refers to Augustus Sieverts, who first demonstrated experimentally the distinctive dependence of the dissolved gas concentration on the square root of the pressure. This feature permits the type of solution process (dissociative or nondissociative) to be determined experimentally. Nondissociative dissolution follows the linear relation given by Eq (8.10). Figure 9.9 illustrates Sieverts' law behavior of N2 in liquid iron.

Fig. 9.9 Solubility of nitrogen in liquid iron at 1600oC
Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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