(a) Over what concentration range does the nickel component obey Henry's law?

(b) Determine the activity coefficient of iron at xN, = 0.5

(c) Check whether the Fe-Ni allov obeys regular solution theorv.

7.17 One mole of solid A at 1000 K is dissolved adiabatically in 3 moles of liquid B at 1200 K. The resulting solution obeys regular solution theory with an interaction energy of - 30 kJ/mole. Find:

(a) the final temperature of the solution

(b) the entropy change of the process

The melting temperature of A is 1100 K and its heat of fusion is 20 kJ/mole. The heat capacities of both liquid and solid A and of liquid B are all equal to 25 J/mole-K

where C is a constant.

7.16 The activities of Ni in the liquid Fe-Ni alloy at 1600°C are given below.

Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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