(d) what is the standard potential for half-cell reaction (A) obtained in part (c)?

(e) what is the numerical value of the equilibrium constant K for the overall reaction?

(f) Solve part (c) for the concentrations of the 4 species. Hint: if K is very different from unity, some terms in the mass-action law may be neglected.

10.12 The electrochemical cell shown below converts hydrogen and oxygen to water and drives a motor in the process. The electrode conditions are: anode: pH =5; pH2 = 1 atm; cathode: pH = 4; pO2 = 1 atm.

(a) Write the half-cell reactions for the anode and cathode and the corresponding Nernst equations

(b) What is the cell voltage?

(c) How much work is done by the motor per mole of water produced?

(d) How much heat is released per mole of water produced?

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