8.17 Sketch the phase diagram corresponding to the free energy curves shown below. Note that in this case, CS > CL and To > T1 > T2. Hint: refer to Problem 8.11.

8.18 What is the partial pressure of water in equilibrium with an aqueous solution containing 30 mole percent alcohol? The temperature is 25oC and alcohol and water form a regular solution with an interaction energy of Q = - 20 kJ/mole

8.19 The following table gives the mole fractions of component A in a binary solution and in the equilibrium gas phase and their total vapor pressure

(p = pA + pB). Complete the next three columns of the table to include:

a) In the 4th column, enter the partial pressures of component A.

b) In the 5th column, tabulate the ratio pA/xAL. From these entries, deduce the Henry's law constant for component A

c) In the 6th column, calculate and enter the activity coefficient of A in the liquid.



p, kPa

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