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(O2) = (A) - 6x(3) The standard chemical potential change for (3) is:

A^O =-2FsO =-2 x 96.5 x (-1.229) = 237kJ/mole Combining: A^O2 = AnA - 6A^3 = -380 kJ/mole

The equilibrium constant for the overall reaction is:

The mass-action law for reaction (O2) is:

8.314 x 298


Cethanol x pO.


O2 Ko2 x pO2

Comparison of the two oxidants Assumed conditions:

pCO2 = 3.5 x10-4 atm pO2 = 0.21atm p^ = 0.79 atm CH+ = 10-7 M CNO- = 0.2 M

Substituting into the ethanol-concentration equations yields:

Both oxidizing agents are very effective (thermodynamically) in breaking down ethanol in water. Removal of this particular pollutant is limited by kinetic factors.

380 x 103

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