Example: For the reaction of Eq (9.1), on the other hand, the above rule of thumb yields ASo ~ 0 because both sides of the reaction have the same number of moles of gas species. The exact value for this reaction is ASo ~ -4 J/mole-K.

Example: The table below is the entropy analog of the enthalpy table in the example at the end of the last section. In this table, the reference temperature is 0 K, so the entropies listed are absolute values. The entropy change of reaction (9.3) for M = Zr is:

Note change in the following equations:

ASo(298) = s^ (298) - sZ(298) - s° (298) = 50 -39 -205 = -194J/mole - K

ASo(1500) = s° (1500)-sZr(1500)-s° (1500) = 168 - 90 - 258 = -180J/mole-K

so, J/mole-K




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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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