(a) Q ^ 0 for the irreversible process

(c) The irreversible process cannot perform work

1.6 Describe a version of each of the four processes in Prob. 1.1 that is closer to reversible than the original process.

1.7 One mole of air is changed from state #1 (580 K, 17 atm) to state #2 (380 K, 8 atm) by two paths, both consisting of two parts.

Path A: proceeds from state #1 isothermally to state #3, then isobarically to state #2. Path B: adiabatic expansion to state #4 followed by constant-volume cooling to state #2.

During the adiabatic expansion from state #1 to state #4, the temperature and pressure are related by:

The portion of path B from state #4 to state #2 is linear on a p - T diagram.

(a) determine T4 and p4 and plot the two paths on a p - T diagram.

(b) what is the molar volume at state #2?

(c) determine the changes in internal energy between state #1 and states #2, 3 and 4. Air is an ideal gas, and its thermal equation of state is:

where R is the gas constant.

(d) Calculate the heat and work for each stage and complete the 2nd, 3rd and 4th columns of the following table. Express Au, Q and W in Joules.



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Getting Started With Solar

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