The reactionprogressvariable method

In this method, the problem is reduced to a single unknown at the outset, rather than at the end as in the element ratio method described above. The alternative method is illustrated with the gas phase reaction:

Example: The temperature is 2000 and the total pressure is lA atm. The initial mixture is stoichiometric, which means consisting of the ratio of reactants that would produce pure product if completely reacted.

The standard enthalpy and entropy changes of this reaction are AH° = -564 kJ/mole and AS° = - 174 J/mole-K (note that the entropy rule of thumb given at the end of Sect. 9.5 is satisfied for this reaction). At 2000 K, the equilibrium constant from Eq (9.20) is:

The mass action law in terms of mole fractions is:

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