Triple point of water

The triple point is the pressure-temperature combination at which the solid-vapor and liquid-vapor lines intersect. For water in Fig. 5.4, the total pressure over the two condensed phases at this point is their common vapor pressure (0.00611 atm). However, if the total pressure on a liquid/solid phase mixture is increased, the triple point migrates from its low-pressure value. To quantify this effect, the functions psat,S(p,T) and psat,L(p,T), are used in the following differential forms:

and dps;


The temperature effect is given by the Clausius-Clapyron equation, Eq (5.6):

d psat,S | psat,SAhsub dt i rt2

Taking the derivative of Eq (5.17) with respect to p (at constant T) gives:

d psat 1 _ vcpsat,ref

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Getting Started With Solar

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