Embarrassing problem

Like Ankylosaurus, Polacanthus isn't too fussy about what it eats - and it eats a lot. And - not wishing to be indelicate -this causes a problem, especially for the dinosaur spotter, since its diet generates a lot of gas, which the dinosaur expels freely, and often. So, be warned, if you're watching herbivores like this one, don't get too close - or bring a peg for your nose.

of spikes running down its back. These make it doubly difficult for a predator to get a grip and flip Polacanthus over, in order to attack the softer underbelly.

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HOW/ tn

How to say it pol-a-KAW-thus leaning of name Manysp^s Family Nodosauridae Penod Early cretaceous

Where found England

We.ght 1,000 kilograms (11 t , Food Plants tons>

Special features Body armour and spikes




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