Acknowledgements vii

Introduction ix

Chapter One: Fire in the Sky 1

Chapter Two: The Case of a Missing Meteorite 19

Chapter Three: The Tale of a Fiery Comet 57

Chapter Four: Asteroids Behaving Badly 79

Chapter Five: Traceless Tunguska 105 Chapter Six: The Incredible Journey of a

Black Hole 122

Chapter Seven: The Matter in Question 134

Chapter Eight: A Blast from Below 154

Chapter Nine: Opening the X-files 173

Chapter Ten: A Fireball in the Dinosaurs' Sky 202

Chapter Eleven: Whodunit? 240

Timeline: One Hundred Years of an Enigma 251

Sources and Further Reading 258

Index 267

Surendra Verma is a science writer based in Melbourne, Australia since 1970. He has published several books and numerous articles, besides churning out pretentious prose for corporate and government publications. His Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories and Things will be published in 2005 by New Holland.

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