Acarina see Acari

acarinarium n.; pl. -aria [Gr. akari, mite or tick; L. -arium, place for] 1. (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) Any surface or anatomical feature, enclosed or not, internal or external, that regularly serves as an abode for mites. 2. (ARTHRO: In-secta) In Hymenoptera, variously placed and constructed integumental cavities that serve as abodes for mites in certain eumenine wasps; originally defined as the enclosed acarid chambers of xylocopid bees.

acarocecidium n.; pl. -ia [L. akari, mite or tick; Gr. kekis, gallnut] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) Any plant gall caused by a mite.

acarology n. [Gr. akari, mite or tick; logos, discourse] That branch of zoology that studies mites and ticks.

acarophily n. [Gr. akari, mite or tick; philos, loving] Symbiosis of mites and plants.

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