Alliogenesis see alloiogenesis

allobiosis n. [Gr. allos, other; biosis, manner of life] Differentiation from the normal; a changed environment.

allochore n. [Gr. allos, other; chorein, to spread] Any organism occurring in two different habitats in the same geo graphic region.

allochroic a. [Gr. allos, other; chroia, color of the skin] Changeable in color, or variation of color.

allochronic a. [Gr. allos, other; chronos, time] Not occurring at the same period of time; not contemporary.

allochronic speciation Speciation that does not occur at the same period of time, thus causing morphological discontinuity. see synchronic speciation.

allochthonous a. [Gr. allos, other; chthon, earth] Exotic; imported or migrated from another area; peregrine. see autochthonous.

allocryptic a. [Gr. allos, other; kryptos, conceal] Concealing; said of organisms that conceal themselves with coverings of other organisms or with inanimate materials.

allogamy n. [Gr. allos, other; gamos, marriage] Cross-fertilization. see autogamy.

allograft n. [Gr. allos, other; OF. greffe, graft] A piece of tissue or organ from one individual grafted to another of the same species.

alloheteroploid n. [Gr. allos, other; heteros, different; aploos, onefold; eidos, form] Heteroploid individuals whose chromosomes derive from various chromosome sets. see auto-heteroploid.

alloiogenesis n. [Gr. alloios, of another kind; genesis, beginning] Alternation of sexual and parthenogenetic generations: alternation of generations.

alloiometron n. [Gr. alloios, of another kind; metron, measure] Measurable variability in the physical development within a species or race.

allokinesis n. [Gr. allos, other; kinesis, movement] Passive or reflex movement. allokinetic a. see autokinesis.

allomeristic a. [Gr. allos, other; meros, part] Refers to any organism differing in the number of parts of any organ from that which is customary in the group.

allometric coefficient The slope of the logarithmic growth curve of the measurement of an organ or part against that of the whole remainder or another part; sometimes re ferred to as the heterogonic or heteroausecic coefficient.

allometric growth The growth rate of one part of an organism differing from that of another part or of the body as a whole. see heterauxesis.

allometrosis n. [Gr. allos, other; metros, mother] Having different species or races living in an organized group.

allometry n. [Gr. allos, other; metron, measure] The study of relationship of growth. allometric a.

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