Allomixis see crossfertilization

allomone n. [Gr. allos, other; hormaein, to instigate] Any chemical secreted by an organism that causes another organism of different species to react favorably to the emitter. allomonal a.

allomorphic evolution A rapid increase in specialization.

allomorphosis n. [Gr. allos, other; morphe, form] Rapid development of specialized organs or increase of specialization in an organism. see aromorphosis.

alloparalectotype n. [Gr. allos, other; para, beside; lektos, chosen; typos, type] A specimen from the original collection, a sex other than that of the holotype, and described later than the original publication.

allopatry n. [Gr. allos, other; patrios, father land] Populations separated by spatial barriers preventing gene flow. allo-patric a. see sympatry.

allopelagic a. [Gr. allos, other; pelagos, sea] Referring to open water; marine or freshwater organisms found at various depths.

alloplasm n. [Gr. allos, other; plassein, to mold] Cell organelles that serve a special purpose and are not of regular occurrence, such as the neuro- and myofibrils, cilia and flagella.

alloplast n. [Gr. allos, other; plassein, to mold] A cell organelle composed of more than one kind of tissue. see homoplast.

allopolyploid n. [Gr. allos, other; polyploos, many fold; eidos, form] A polyploid produced by the chromosome doubling of a species or genus hybrid, that is, of an individual with two unlike chromosome sets.

alloscutum n. [Gr. allos, other; L. scutum, shield] (ARTHRO: Chelicerata) In Acari, the dorsal part of the exoskeleton posterior to the scutum of larval ticks.

allosematic color Having protective coloration resembling that of dangerous or inedible species; aposematic color; Bate-sian mimicry. see sematic.

allosomal inheritance The inheritance of characters produced by genes in an allosome.

allosome n. [Gr. allos, other; soma, body] A chromosome deviating in size, form or behavior from other chromosomes, usually a sex-chromosome; heterochromosome. see auto-some.

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