Allosynapsis see allosyndesis

allosyndesis n. [Gr. allos, other; syndesis, a binding together] In polyploids, pairing of completely or partially homologous chromosomes that were introduced into the zygote by the same gamete at fertilization. see autosyndesis.

allotetraploid n. [Gr. allos, other; tetraploos, fourfold; eidos, form] A tetraploid produced when a hybrid derived from a genetically different parent doubles its chromosome number; amphidiploid.

allotherm n. [Gr. allos, other; therme, heat] Any organism dependent on environmental temperature for its own body temperature. see poikilothermal, ectotherm.

allotopotype n. [Gr. allos, other; topos, place; typos, type] An allotype obtained from the original locality.

allotriomorphic a. [Gr. allotrios, abnormal; morphe, shape] Displaying an abnormal or unexpected shape.

allotriploid n. [Gr. allos, other; triploos, threefold; eidos, form] A triploid with two similar and one dissimilar chromosome sets. see autotriploid.

allotrophic a. [Gr. allos, other; trophe, nourishment] Referring to organisms dependent upon other organisms for nutrition; heterotrophic.

allotropism n. [Gr. allos, other; tropos, turn] The propensity of attraction of certain cells or structures; allotropy.

allotropous a. [Gr. allos, other; tropos, turn] (ARTHRO: In-secta) Refers to insects that are not limited to or adapted to visiting certain kinds of flowers.

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