Amphid aperture see amphidial aperture

amphidelphic a. [Gr. amphi, on both sides; delphys, womb] (NEMATA) Pertaining to uteri opposed; position and direction of the uteri, not the ovary. see didelphic.

amphidetic a. [Gr. amphi, on both sides; detos, bound] (MOLL: Bivalvia) Refers to the ligament extending both before and behind the umbo or beak. see opisthodetic, parivincular.

amphidial aperture (NEMATA) The amphid opening pore or orifice through which stimuli are received.

amphidial duct (nemata) The passage connecting the amphidial aperture and the amphidial pouch.

amphidial gland (NEMATA) A gland originating posterior to the nerve ring that connects with the anterior lateral amphids.

amphidial nerve (NEMATA) The nerve originating posterior to the nerve ring that extends anteriorly, connecting to the amphid.

amphidial pouch or pocket (NEMATA) The anterior cavity or chamber of the amphid; a fovea.

amphidial tubes (nemata) Passages containing the amphidial nerves connecting the fibrillar terminals and the sensilla.

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