Amphidiploid see allopolyploid allotetraploid

amphidiscs, amphidisks [Gr. amphi, on both sides; diskos, round plate] (PORIF: Hexactinellida) Small spicules with hooks at both ends, grapnel shape; no six rayed spi-cules.

amphigean, amphigaean a. [Gr. amphi, on both sides; gaia, the earth] Pertaining to both the Old and New Worlds.

amphigenesis n. [Gr. amphi, on both sides; genesis, beginning] Development induced by the fusion of two unlike gametes; amphigony.

amphigonic a. [Gr. amphi, on both sides; gonos, seed] Referring to sperm and ova being produced in separate gonads in different individuals; biparental reproduction. see di-

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