Anci see anko

ancipital a. [L. anceps, double-headed] 1. Having two opposite edges or angles. 2. (moll) A two-edged, double-faced, double-formed shell having two varices that are continu ous.

ancistroid a. [Gr. ankistron, a hook; eidos, shape] Hook-shaped; barbed.

ancyloid a. [Gr. ankylos, hooked; eidos, shape] (MOLL) Shaped like the patelliform shell of the fresh-water limpet-like Ancylus , with the apex strongly directed anteriorly.

andrium n. [Gr. aner, male] (ARTHRO: Insecta) In male Diptera, the posterior part of the postabdomen comprising abdominal somites 9 and 10, and including the copulatory apparatus.

androconia [Gr. aner, male; konia, dust] (ARTHRO: Insecta) Specialized scales associated with aphrodisiac pheromone glands, on the wings of male butterflies; comparable scales may occur on legs or abdomen; scent scales.

androecium n. [Gr. aner, male; oikos, house] (ECHI) In some female bonellids, a specialized part, usually basal, of the nephridium where the male may be found.

androgamete n. [Gr. aner, male; gametes, husband] A sper-matozoan; a male germ cell or gamete.

androgenesis n. [Gr. aner, male; genesis, beginning] Male parthenogenesis; the development of a haploid embryo from a male nucleus.

androgenic gland (ARTHRO: Crustacea) A gland located near the vas deferens responsible for development of male secondary sexual characteristics.

androgenous a. [Gr. aner, male; genes, producing] Pertaining to the production of males or male gametes.

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