Animal starch see glycogen

anion n. [Gr. ana, up; ienai, to go] Any ion bearing a negative charge. see cation.

anisochela n. [Gr. anisos, unequal; chele, claw] 1. (ARTHRO) A chela with two unlike parts. 2. (PORIF) A diactinal micro-sclere with unlike, recurved hooks, plates or flukes at each end. see isochela.

anisocytic a. [Gr. anisos, unequal; kytos, container] Having cells in the intestinal epithelium unequal in height in a given cross section.

anisogametes [Gr. anisos, unequal; gametes, spouse] Outwardly dissimilar male and female gametes; het-erogamete.

anisogamy n. [Gr. anisos, unequal; gamos, marriage] Gametes when fusing during fertilization vary in size, shape and behavior. see heterogamy.

anisoglottid a. [Gr. anisos, unequal; glottis, mouth of the windpipe] (NEMATA: Secernentea) Having a glottoid apparatus with metarhabdions at different levels. see isoglot-tid.

anisognathous a. [Gr. anisos, unequal; gnathos, jaw] Bearing unequal jaws.

anisomorpha n. [Gr. anisos, unequal; morphe, form] (AR-THRO: Insecta) Insects whose metamorphosis differ in various ways.

anisomorphic a. [Gr. anisos, unequal; morphe, form] Varying in form, size or structure. see isomorphic.

anisomyarian a. [Gr. anisos, unequal; myos, muscle] 1. Having unequal muscles. 2. (MOLL: Bivalvia) Having the anterior adductor muscle reduced or absent. see mon-omyarian.

anisotropic a. [Gr. anisos, unequal; tropein, to turn] Doubly refracting, such as dark bands in the sarcomere of a muscle fiber. see isotropic.

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