Apogamy see apomixis

apolar a. [Gr. an, without; polos, pivot pole] Lacking a pole; without radiating processes.

apolegamic a. [Gr. apolegein, to choose; gamos, marriage] Pertaining to sexual selection.

apolysis n. [Gr. apo, away; lysis, loosen] 1. (ARTHRO) The first process of molting, characterized by the detachment of the old cuticle from the underlying hypodermal (epidermal) cells. see ecdysis. 2. (platy: Cestoda) The detachment of a gravid proglottid in tapeworms. apolytic a. see an-apolysis.

apomict n. [Gr. apo, away; miktos, mixed] Any organism produced by apomixis.

apomictic (ameiotic) parthenogenesis No reduction division occurs, so that the offspring have the same genetic constitution as the mother and all are female.

apomixis n. [Gr. apo, away; mixis, mixing] Botanical term sometimes used in invertebrates. see parthenogenesis.

apomorph n. [Gr. apo, away; morphe, form] A derived character.

apomorphy n. [Gr. apo, away; morphe, form] A term pertaining to derived characters, normally used in cladistic taxonomy. apomorphic a. see plesiomorphy.

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