Archeocyte see archaeocytes

archetype, architype n. [Gr. arche, beginning; typos, type] A hypothetical ancestral type arrived at by the elimination of specialized characters of known later forms. see phylog-eny.

Archiacanthocephala n. [Gr. arche, beginning; akantha, thorn; kephale, head] A class of Acanthocephala that are parasites of predacious birds and mammals; insects and myriapods are the intermediate hosts.

archibenthic a. [Gr. arche, beginning; benthos, depths of sea] Refers to the continental deep-sea zone, extending from the edge of the continental shelf (200-400 m.) to depths of about 800-1100 m. see abyssal.

archicephalon n. [Gr. arche, beginning; kephale, head] The primitive annelid-arthropod head; the prostomium.

archicerebrum n.; pl. -bra [Gr. arche, beginning; L. cerebrum, brain] 1. (ANN) The ganglionic nerve mass of a prostomium. 2. (ARTHRO) The primitive suprastomodeal nerve mass of a prostomium; the primitive brain.

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