Astrocenter see centrosome

astrocyte n. [Gr. aster, star; kytos, container] 1. A star-

shaped neuroglia cell. 2. Any star-shaped cell, especially in stroma tissues.

astrorhizae [Gr. aster, star; rhiza, root] (PORIF) Starlike depressions on the surface of the calcareous skeleton.

astrosphere n. [Gr. aster, star; sphaira, ball] The central mass of an aster lacking rays.

astrotaxis n. [Gr. aster, star; taxis, arrangement] The orientation of certain organisms sensitive to polarized skylight, i.e., bees, ants and spiders.

asymmetrical a. [Gr. asymmetros, without symmetry] Not symmetrical; not alike on both sides of an axis; bilaterally unequal.

asymmetry n. [Gr. asymmetros, without symmetry] Lack of symmetry; unlikeness in form or development.

asymptomatic a. [Gr. a, without; symptoma, a sign of disease] Lacking subjective evidence of a disease.

asynaptic a. [Gr. a, without; synapsis, union] Pertaining to the complete failure or incomplete pairing of chromosomes during the first meiotic division. asynapsis n.

asynchronous a. [Gr. a, without; syn, together; chronos, time] Not simultaneous; not occurring at the same time.

atactotrichy n. [Gr. ataktos, not arranged; trichos, hair] Chaetotaxy in which all setae are not describable in distinct patterns and arrangements. see primordiotrichy.

atavism n. [L. atavus, ancestor] Recurrence of an ancestral character, after an interval of generations. atavistic a.

ataxia n. [Gr. a, without; taxis, arrangement] Lacking muscle coordination.

atelia n. [Gr. ateles, incompletedness] Incomplete or imperfect development.

athecal a. [Gr. a, without; theke, case] (ANN) Without sper-mathecae.

athecate a. [Gr. a, without; theke, case] 1. Lacking a theca. 2. (CNID: Hydrozoa) In Hydroids, lacking an investing cup or sheath.

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